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The blockchain space is evolving at lighting speed. Our team consists of dedicated people with experience as founders, investors, and operators in the blockchain space.

Mahmoud is a Driven Chief Marketing Officer with experience in project management, business development with a background in community building and marketing. Active in the crypto space since 2017, he started out as a community manager and branched into different sectors of the blockchain world ranging from Defi, NFT’s, DEX’s and successfully working as an Advisor in all these sectors. Today Mahmoud is focused on growing Leos Ventures into the largest community backed VC, to create a place where we can grow together.

Mahmoud El Hallab Founder

Farah is a Blockchain and crypto enthusiast, she has been involved in early-stage projects. She started in community management for several start up projects and helped them expand their community growth to the next level. She joined Leos Ventures as Head of Community where she will focus on ensuring the successful building of the community.

Farah Mawas Head of Community


    Collaboration with Derify Protocol

    We’re excited to announce that our community had a chance to come on board Derify Protocol!


    Collaboration with Manga Token

    We are thrilled to announce that our Founder will be joining the Board of Advisors of Manga Token!

    New Pool for MINE Network

    New Pool coming soon for MINE Network soon! 

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    Leos Ventures is a community-friendly and research driven early-stage venture fund

    We advise and act throughout the investment cycle. Leos Ventures participates in high-potential investment opportunities and delivers solutions across the digital asset ecosystem.

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